Heated Hat

Includes Rechargeable Battery and Machine Washable
Keeps constant warm temperature for up to 12 hours!
3 temperature settings- up to 113° F/ 45° C
Warms up in less than 30 seconds
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Why Bousty Heated Hat ?
For a Warmer Winter
Heated Hat Warms up less than 60 seconds. Made to withstand brutal , freezing winters
Compact and comfortable. Comfortable and Stylish. Great gift for a loved one
Used and approved by Ice fisherman in Norway (Can withstand -25° C!)
Perfect for cold weather, fishing, hunting, outdoor activities
Satisfied Customers
How To Use Bousty Smart Heated Hat 2.0
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Why Choose Bousty Heated Hat 2.0 ?
Bousty Heated Hat 2.0
Includes Rechargeable battery to keep warm for up to 8 hours. (Can charge your batteries anywhere!)
Heats up in 3-5 seconds
Temperature adjustable up to 113° F/ 45°C
Warm and stylish
The Other Brands
No batteries- not rechargeable
Takes hours to heat up
Easy to tear off
Not Adjustable
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Heated Hat

Only $69.95 each
14 Days Money Back Return
Fast & Free shipping worldwide
1 Year Warranty

Heated Hat

Only $69.95 each
14 Days Money Back Return
Fast & Free shipping worldwide
1 Year Warranty

Heated Hat

Only $69.95 each
14 Days Money Back Return
Fast & Free shipping worldwide
1 Year Warranty
Find anything you want to know about our product and tips to warm your body
How long does the heat last for?
Up to 10 hours! Most of our customers charge the battery about once a week. You can order extra and have multiple charged batteries on hand! The heat lasts 3-4 hours on high, 5-6 on medium and 6-8 on low
Will this fit men and women?
What are they made of?
Made of high quality fleece fabric.
Can I get this in stores?
No. This is not sold in stores.
Processing Times
Orders can sometimes take 1-3 days to process after placing the order before shipping out. We do not ship on weekends.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Leonel S
Hot Head!!

I had brain surgery with metal in my skull and work outside> The beanie is thick and warm on its own and the heating coils keep my head warm working in below freezing temps for 3+ hrs. Helps a lot

Norberto E
Loves It

My wife loves the hat and other heated garments ordered for her

Randy R
Works great!

My husband bought this hat, along with heated gloves and a vest, before traveling to South Bend for a Notre Dame game. The temperature in the stadium during the game was in the low 30s but he says he was toasty warm throughout. Now he wears the hat and gloves when he takes a nightly walk in our neighborhood, in similar low temperatures, and has been very pleased with the product so far.

Alden R
Wife loves it

I ordered this for my wife and she absolutely loves it.

Vinnie K
The hot hat

This beanie keeps my bald head warm and toasty in the early mornings at the beach where its cold and humidity gets deep inside your bones. I love it cause it covers and keeps my ears warm which is most important of all. There are three settings, high, medium, and low. My initial beanie came without a charger and it did not work. I contacted the mfg and they were kind of enough to rush me out a replacement that included a charger. It's rather expensive but I look it at this way, I rather keep my head and ears warm than risk getting sick. To me, that's worth a lot more than the cost of this hat.

Jayde K
Nice and warm

I bought it as a gift, and I was told that the hat gets warm quickly. Now I want one!

Bettye W
Good for Scouts

Bought this for my Star Rank Boy Scout to use for outdoor camping in October/November and he remained very warm during the cold nights.