40W Outdoor Solar Street Wall Light

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Now Light Up the Entire Area with This 40W Outdoor Solar Street Wall Light

solar street light

Super Bright & Remote Control

  • This 40W Outdoor Solar Street Wall Light is extremely bright and will illuminate the dark instantly. These street lights at night are intended for use in a variety of lighting applications such as gardens, swimming pools, fences, courtyards, driveways, stairs, exterior walls, and so on.
  • Throughout the night, the solar-powered light will remain fully illuminated. The brightness of the solar-led street light can also be controlled using the remote control.
solar led street light

Automatically Turn On & Easy Installation

  • The built-in motion sensitive sensor works from dusk to dawn, and the motion function can also be activated with a remote. After you set it, the motion function is activated automatically each night.
  • The PIR motion sensor can detect a heat source that moves continuously within its detection range. The Led light street will automatically turn on when someone enters the area. It is also easy to set up. An electrical connection is not required.
street lights at night

Fast Charging & Energy Saving

  • This best solar-powered light absorbs solar energy and converts it to electricity. It requires 6 hours of charging in the sun during the day and 10 hours of normal operation at night.
  • The duration of light and the weather conditions affect solar panel charging. The shorter the charging time, the stronger the sun. The solar garden lamp will turn off automatically at dawn. Reduce the amount of money you spend on your electric bill.
led light street

Durable Material & Waterproof

  • The street light bulb is waterproof and can be installed and left outside in any weather condition all year. You will not be harmed by the rain or the sun.
  • Outdoor Solar Street Wall Light is made of a long-lasting material, and the brightness of this solar-powered light is what makes it so appealing. This solar-powered light will undoubtedly appeal to you.
street light bulb


  • Make sure the switch is correctly in the "ON" position, check by covering the solar panel with your hands, see if the light turns on automatically.
  •  Place the solar product in a location where it will receive direct sunlight.
  •  Keep the switch in the "ON" position.
  • The duration of light is determined by the level of sunlight exposure of the solar product, geographical location, weather conditions, and the length of the day.
  • Remove and replace the rechargeable batteries if the solar panel does not light up after 8 - 12 months of use.
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