100% Carbon Hiking Poles

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Go the Extra Distance and Move Faster, All While Exerting Less Energy!

Introducing Bousty 100% Carbon Hiking Poles that are specially designed for performance, maximum comfort, and safety.

Choose ultralight carbon fiber and hike light! Carbon fiber hiking poles are 35% lighter than usual aluminum hiking poles! 
Bousty Hiking Poles Meet All Your Hiking Needs, with its Adjustable Quick Lock Technology, Ultra-Light Design, and Shock-Absorbent Materials.

Why Choose Bousty Hiking Poles?

✔️Easily and quickly adjust poles length to fit adults or children


✔️Heavy-duty fast locks make sure you stay safe on steep hikes

✔️Bousty Hiking Poles Increase traction, maintain balance and minimize the impact on legs, knees, ankles, and feet

✔️Bousty Poles offer ultimate comfort, durability, and versatility under all trekking conditions for years to come


✔️Anti-Slip Natural Cork Grips - Bousty Hiking Poles -


✔️Adjustable Length


  • 100% Carbon Fiber
  • Lightweight - only 7 oz
  • Retractable from 24” to 55”
  • Shock and noise absorbent
  • Ergonomic 100% natural cork grip with extended EVA foam sleeve
  • Extra padded adjustable wrist straps
  • 4 Season accessories



Q: How to properly adjust the length of Bousty Hiking Poles?

  1. Open both flip lock tabs. Pull out the MIDDLE and BOTTOM sections of your hiking poles and adjust them to the proper height markings. Adjust both sections to the SAME number.
    Tighten the screws by turning them a few ¼ to ½ turns clockwise. You‘re not supposed to tighten them all the way. What you are doing is adjusting the tension on the clamp.
  3. Close the flip-lock tabs. You should feel a bit of resistance or difficulty when closing the tabs, and hear them snap into place. If there‘s too much resistance and you can‘t even close the tabs, the screws were over-tightened in the previous step. Open the lever, loosen the screws a bit, and close. How to know if you got it right? See the next step.
  4. Test and re-adjust. Confirm that the locks are fully secure by leaning forward and putting your full body weight on the hiking poles. Check that there is no shift in height. If the poles slide down even slightly, open the lever, tighten the screws, and close. Repeat until the poles no longer collapse.

REMEMBER: ADJUST THE SCREWS FIRST, THEN CLOSE THE LEVER CLAMP. This is where many people get it wrong. If you do it the other way around, the hiking poles will surely slide down and pose a safety risk.

Q: How to adjust the wrist straps of Bousty Hiking Poles?

A: Just simply pull out the plug so you can easily adjust the straps using the sliding adjustment clip. Take a look at the pictures down below for clearer instructions.


1. Pull out the ends 2. Adjust the length 3. Pull back inside

Q: What is the purpose of each accessory and how are they supposed to be used?

A: The naked metal tips are perfect for hikes on gravel and ice. If used excessively, eventually they will wear off, therefore, we recommend using the provided accessories on all other terrains.

The asphalt tips (the ones that resemble little feet) are the most versatile. They are perfect for hard, flat, or rocky surfaces (rocky terrains, roads, paths, etc.). These tips are perfect to use on a daily basis.

The storage tips are meant to be used for storing and for traveling. While used, the semi-sharp naked carbide tips are not going to be exposed, therefore, it makes them safer to store in your house or anywhere else.

The mud baskets prevent poles from slipping into the soft ground when hiking in mud, sand, or other soft surfaces.

The snow baskets prevent poles from sinking into the snow.

The tips should be simply put on the carbide tips of the poles, however, mud and snow baskets are supposed to be screwed onto the threads found at the bottom of your poles. Please make sure to screw them on tightly and give them a tug before hiking to prevent loss on trails.

Q: Can you use hiking poles without the extra tips?

A: Yes, the naked carbide tips are the best for ice and gravel, however, we do not recommend not using any extra tips for extended periods of time, because carbide tips will start wearing out if unprotected.


Ready to Go the Extra Distance and Move Faster With Bousty Hiking Poles ?

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Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Idella D'Amore [Verified buyer]

The Split Rock Trail is only just over 5 miles long, but with the west side in shadow and the east in sunlight, March 6th is a dicey day of the year on which to hike it. With a bad knee and arthritis, I could sit at home and turn to mush, but would much rather be out enjoying the day with my sweetie. These Bousty Carbon Fiber trekking poles made the trail safer and more comfortable for me. Deep show, mud, rock and ice; all of it was encountered and conquered. I also appreciated the light weight and quiet materials.

Margarete Emmerich [Verified buyer]

I walk a lot, but never hiked, let alone gone into high places. When we went to Sedona in March I bought the Bousty carbon poles, with cork hand grips for the trip. I Absolutely LOVE them! I only used one pole, and with the pole in my right hand I felt so safe and secure. The cork was comfy and never got slippery, and the carbon fiber made for a lightweight pole. I was equally amazed how the pole assisted me for walking down a hill, I never even thought of that. We hiked about 40 miles in...

Seamus Lueilwitz [Verified buyer]

Trekking with Bousty was easy and smooth on this 50 miles loop in the Deschutes N.P. I am very pleased with the purchase!

Cindy Howell [Verified buyer]

Recommend. great quality product. As described
Got these as a gift from my Wife. They are perfect!! So light weight & sturdy as well. Trading in my cane for poles and taking up hiking as our new adventure.

Austen Larkin [Verified buyer]

At the first inspection, there is nothing to complain about, the sticks are good. Thank you to the seller, delivered in 6 days.

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